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After a decade of planning, observing and listening, our library is moving forward with renovations to the Edith Abbott Memorial Library facility and site. It’s certainly time to “Reinvest in our Public Library” thanks to the Myrtle Grimminger estate, grants being written, and upcoming fundraising coordinated by the Grand Island Public Library Foundation.

Our project’s four fundamental building-blocks are: 

  • Reaffirming – our library’s mission as this diverse community’s center for a lifetime of learning and literacy since 1884
  • Responding – to all ages, diverse backgrounds and interests, with improving spaces for individuals and groups through programs, services, and meetings; and incorporating books and technologies on our physical and electronic shelves
  • Reimagining – gardens, seating areas, discovery pads and public art displays
  • Renovating – parking access and plaza space, meeting rooms, teen area, and Makerspace

Planning for the Futurekids with moose

Over the past 50 years, the Grand Island Public Library Foundation has met a variety of our library’s specific needs with complete or partial funding in areas including:

  • Our Library as a learning and community center.
  • Building up our children’s Early Literacy Discovery Center.
  • Getting kids ready to read, and supporting them as students.
  • Keeping pace with library technology.
  • Making changes in collections and programs to match our community needs.
  • Building on our strengths as surveyed by the City.
  • Reshaping reference and teen areas as Library Learning Centers.
  • Improving meeting rooms and video conferencing capabilities.
  • Expand programming for community building and more informed citizens.
  • Provide more public information about library services and their value.

A Library’s Impact on the CommunityPicture16

A National Citizen Survey was conducted by the City of Grand Island in 2011 and remains applicable in the coming years, with attention to various findings and community needs relevant to library operations.

  • The high percentage of citizens making use of library services and their perception of our services.
  • Need for additional opportunities to attend cultural activities.
  • Need for enhanced sense of community.
  • Need for enhanced openness and acceptance of the community towards people of diverse backgrounds.
  • Need for enhancement of Grand Island as a place to raise children and for services to youth.
  • Need for enhancement of Grand Island as a place to retire.
  • Need for enhanced opportunities to participate in social events and activities.
  • Need for enhanced reputation of Grand Island and rating of city services

Please consider this investment in our future!  Thank You!donate-now-thPicture8

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