Welcome Our New Executive Director

Leigh Lillibridge – Executive Director

The Grand Island Public Library Foundation is turning the page by starting a new chapter with the addition of development professional, Leigh Lillibridge, as its new Executive Director.  The importance of the Grand Island Public Library to the community has become more evident than ever, and Ms. Lillibridge will ensure that the Library can continue to help area children, teens, and adults for years to come. 

Lillibridge, a fundraising professional with more than two decades of experience, will focus on developing a strategic vision and plan to advance the Foundation’s mission to raise funds that support Grand Island Public Library’s valued and life-changing programs, services, and resources.  Lillibridge will also oversee the Foundation’s fundraising strategy and increase tactical partnerships with community leaders, corporations, and other key stakeholders.

 “The Grand Island Public Library has become a vital resource center for many in our community, helping open doors to opportunities that would not otherwise be available. I am confident that working with our donors, volunteers, community partners, and business leaders, we will expand the reach of these critical services,” – Leigh.

Please help us welcome Leigh to the Grand Island Public Library Foundation!


You Are Important

During uncertain times such as these we realize more that ever who and what are important. The people, the community, unity, places, and resources that serve all.

As you plan for the future, remember to keep in mind the mission of the Grand Island Public Library Foundation. Bridging the gap in funding, bringing innovation to the community, providing for needed programs and services. We are opening the doors of opportunity for business and/or personal learning and gatherings.

As our wonderful community grows and changes, your support in whatever way possible is needed. Donations can be made of many different types. Volunteering, inviting, sharing, participating, and growing is so important so we have the ability to serve Grand Island and the surround communities. Everyone is valued and needed.

We are all in this together! Thank you for doing your part!

POSITION FILLED = Employment Opportunity

POSITION FILLED = Executive Director – Full-Time

Grand Island Public Library Foundation is seeking a full-time Executive Director to lead the organization through a period of transition as it works to fulfill its goals of increasing community awareness, deepening donor engagement, and providing for organizational excellence. The Foundation Executive Director works closely with the Foundation Board of Directors and the Grand Island Public Library Director to enhance the Foundation financially and to promote the Library in the community.

The responsibilities of the Foundation Executive Director include advancing the Foundation’s mission, developing a fundraising vision and plan, and meeting fundraising goals. The individual in this position will have the opportunity to guide the Foundation as it completes its journey to a highly functioning fundraising entity. The Foundation Executive Director is expected to be knowledgeable about all aspects of fundraising, including but not limited to: annual events, annual appeals, major campaigns, bequests, and donor stewardship. In addition, the person hired will work closely with Library employees.

• Ability to raise significant dollars.
• Entrepreneurial approach to soliciting funds and grants.
• Knowledge of goal development and implementation.
• Ability to establish and maintain community, state, and national contacts.
• Ability to develop presentations on behalf of the Foundation
• Ability to meet deadlines.
• Ability to be organized, prioritize, and manage time well.
• Knowledge of marketing strategies and their applications.
• Excellent written and oral communication skills.
• Ability to coordinate diverse functions in a coherent and professional manner.
• Knowledge of budget development and maintenance.
• Ability to conduct research.
• Ability to design, implement, and finish projects independently.
• Ability to utilize and support a volunteer board and coordinate volunteers

To apply, candidates should prepare a cover letter and resume. Email the cover letter and resume to giplfboard@gmail.com.

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The Grand Island Public Library Foundation participates in Go Big Give. Local community projects, programs, and services are made possible from your generous donations to the Grand Island Public Library Foundation. When choosing which non-profits to support, please consider the large impact our mission serves to the community as a whole. We need new and continued support to continue to provide opportunities today and for the future of all residents.

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