You Are Important

During uncertain times such as these we realize more that ever who and what are important. The people, the community, unity, places, and resources that serve all.

As you plan for the future, remember to keep in mind the mission of the Grand Island Public Library Foundation. Bridging the gap in funding, bringing innovation to the community, providing for needed programs and services. We are opening the doors of opportunity for business and/or personal learning and gatherings.

As our wonderful community grows and changes, your support in whatever way possible is needed. Donations can be made of many different types. Volunteering, inviting, sharing, participating, and growing is so important so we have the ability to serve Grand Island and the surround communities. Everyone is valued and needed.

We are all in this together! Thank you for doing your part!

Donation Wish List

We are thankful for all of the gracious donations we have received in support of our renovation project. We have completed this campaign.

We are now focused on particular items to incorporate in specific spaces throughout the library and grounds. This is an opportunity for your business or family to share your personal and business interests and talents with others by helping to provide patrons with hands on equipment, visuals, materials, and devices.

Examples include but not limited to are items to be used in:

Meeting Rooms, Maker Space, Creative Space, Teen Area, Art Display Space, Study Rooms, Outdoor Garden Space, Outdoor Learning Center, Networking Space, Business Center Space, Tutoring Center Space

Contact the foundation to find out more….. Thank you for your consideration.


Reinvest in Your Public Library

After a decade of planning, observing and listening, our library is excited about renovations taking place within the next few months.

Thanks to the Myrtle Grimminger estate, grants being written, and a fundraising campaign coordinated by the library foundation, our library will reaffirm, respond, reimagine and renovate our space for our diverse patrons of all ages.

Plans include a new Makerspace, renovated meeting and study rooms, easier and safer parking, public art, reframed gardens, outdoor family discovery pads, and increased technology.

Our mission to encourage a lifetime of learning and literacy is profoundly embraced by our diverse community.